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 Application to join Sunshine

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PostSubject: Application to join Sunshine   Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:53 am


I am VitaminDark and I would like to join Sunshine,

1. VitaminDark
2. I don't have any friend in sunshine, at least not yet Smile.
3. I am 87 Feoh /99 Aeore I play me healer mainly as I don't have the courage to level my Feoh for now :p.
4. I am from France so GMT +1 if I am not mistaken.
5. I was in SafetyPatrol at the start with old friends then I joined Gauri but I didn't like it there and I left.
Now I am back to the game and I want to join sunshine because I think this clan can offer me end game instances and maybe even dragons.
I will be available for sieges and most of clan raids if they happen during European hours.
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PostSubject: Hello Sunshine   Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:40 am

2)I have some friends and some people know me ingame
3)Yul 98/Wynn 95
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Application to join Sunshine
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