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 Application <3

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PostSubject: Application <3   Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:45 pm

1. What is your character name in game  


2. Do you already have friends in Sunshine (real Life or in game) that can vouch for you and who ?

3. What is your class  (Main & Dual) and at what level?
92 ISS  88 Hieropahnt

4. What time zone are you playing from? Which times are u going to play?  
+8 . afternoon or dinner time

5. In which clans have you been in before? Why you left?
   Guardian, clan rebuild. and i didnt rejion. looking for a PVE clan

6. Do you have the Floating Stone and Portal Stone for Valakas and Antharas raids?
 no. but riad antharas many time before

7. Are you comfortable with using TeamSpeak and/or Ventrilo during clan activities?

8. How long you been playing Lineage 2?
10 yrs since close beta. quite for yrs in the middle of those yrs

9. Have you changed server or name before?
Seighartz   always ScindyS

10. Do you agree with the Clan Rules stated below?
   yes Totally agree Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Application <3   Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:38 pm

-1 too low

also what is a Mainclass 92 ISS and subclass 88 Hierophant?
Clan Guardian, was that a Clan on Chronos or where are you coming from?
U mention Sieghardt, u know how long this Servers doesent exist? Did u have a long break, or did u buy this char?
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PostSubject: more about me   Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:19 pm

Hey Smile I have been play this toon for 10 years and Im the original player as I said above, since 2004 close beta,I was in IC (Inner Circle) clan on  Seighartz  server and that clan was one of  the biggest clan of  that sever,( not the current one on chronos). but I quite for 2-3 yrs for work in reallife.  after that play l2 on free time so I jioned my brother's small family clan which u might not pay attension. I believe there are many old schoolers in ur clan know ScindyS if they come from Seighartz. and  also u can check some videos of old school l2 seige and pvp of ScindyS on youtube. I still have those best memories Screenshoots(like Antharas raid, being Hero as EE etc ) which I took in C1 C2 c3- c4  etc. speaking of levels of ScindyS maybe shes quite abit low  compare with most of you now, but everyone has been there before, doesnt mean anything that I cant enjoy l2 with all of you guys Smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Application <3   

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Application <3
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