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 Clan invite

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PostSubject: Clan invite    Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:51 am

1. What is your character name in game

2. Do you already have friends in Sunshine (real Life or in game) that can vouch for you and who ?
I have friends there but also new (fre3kzz ,harryelsuso and i dont know if i have more ppl there maybe mibes It is the second time I'm doing the app I hope this time please bring me more luck if I know her give me +1 sunny

3. What is your class (Main & Dual) and at what level?
main -sword muse -99
dual -healer cardinal -95
and 2 sub 80lv

4. What time zone are you playing from? Which times are u going to play?
gmt +1

5. In which clans have you been in before? Why you left?
My frist clan is Asgar and i leave because he dont have ppl on next i go to hoe i leave because the clan have a lot war next i go argonautes and i leave this clan because the clan broken and all ppl go to chopsuey this clan is good but all my friends go to jedimaster and i go with they Very Happy not if it is bad luck but a Jedimaster is also broken and all cp go to hoe this is the last clan for me Neutral and i leave again because people do not respect and do not like it this is my reason .

6. Do you have the Floating Stone and Portal Stone for Valakas and Antharas raids?
yes i have all ítem Smile)

7. Are you comfortable with using TeamSpeak and/or Ventrilo during clan activities?
yes i do

8. How long you been playing Lineage 2?
I'm playing for four years
9. Have you changed server or name before?
Not and I'm not planning it
10. Do you agree with the Clan Rules stated below?
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Clan invite
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